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Catamaran Charter in Mallorca, the most comfortable option

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Mallorca has had over the millennia an irresistible attraction. The Phoenicians, the Romans and the Moors all found their way to the island, leaving their particular legacies. More esoteric latter day visitors brought fame and celebrity, Frederic Chopin, Agatha Christie and Joan Miró took the jewel like Mediterranean island as their muse. Contemporary aficionados include Michael Douglas, Claudia Schiffer, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Jeffrey Archer. Of course native Mallorcan Rafael Nadal always knew how beautiful the island was. The Roman Empire has long crumbled and since the early sixties, the only invasion has been enlightened, sun seeking tourists, bent on nothing more than recharging their souls and sun tans in Mallorca's blessed summers.
One way to avoid this modern day invasion is to take to the water. Fortunately catamaran charter in Mallorca is easy, fun, hugely rewarding and surprisingly affordable. Equipped with the biggest fleet of  catamarans in the Mediterranean Sea, Mallorca is ready to provide you with an enchanting, water borne charter adventure you'll never forget.
The island, elegant, dramatic, romantic and essentially beautiful is arguably at its most enchanting from the constantly changing perspective of a sailing boat. Mallorca has for centuries been a home to seafarers, and has many natural harbors with their picturesque fishing villages and modern, full service marinas. This juxtaposition of ancient and current provides one irresistible reason to hire a catamaran in this beautiful island. Another seductive motivation to explore this island by catamaran is of course to experience the serenity and beauty of the endless bays, beaches, lagoons and magnificent coastal vistas, only available to those insightful enough to take to the water.
Geographically, climatically, aesthetically, culturally, the island makes its own demanding and irrefutable case, no argument.  The size of the charter catamaran fleet in Mallorca speaks for itself. Outnumbering monohulls many times over, catamarans provide the perfect, stable, comfortable platform for your holiday in this prettiest of Mediterranean islands. Space is never found lacking, you have the “front garden” of the boat, between the hulls, the net is a playground for the kids and wonderment for all as the mesmerizing, cerulean blue goes by below. The “back yard” catamaran cockpit provides, shade, shelter, comfort; a place to dine on delicious, fresh, local produce and enjoy the wonderful Spanish wines. Need a more panoramic ocean view? You could join the captain up in his “garret”, the helm station, and feel the sensuous power of the boat under sail. Then there is the capacious and comfortable accommodation inside the boat, a huge “living room”, the saloon, with its fully equipped “kitchen”, the galley. You will have as many homely and snug “bedrooms and bathrooms” or cabins and heads as your family and friends require. That's not to mention something the terrestrial home you left behind won't have, the ability to slip gracefully off the “back door steps”, the stern, into the exhilarating, crystalline, warm waters of a Mallorcan bay.
All these wonderful accommodations are provided in any combination and size to suit your group and budget. From owner's versions with intimate, luxurious personal spaces occupying all of one or both hulls, to four cabin, four bathroom cruisers with space still for a crew should you need them. Other configurations include four cabins, two bathrooms and three cabins with two bathrooms. The catamaran rental fleet in Mallorca includes popular and proven models such as the magnificent Lagoon 450, her smaller sister the Lagoon 380, and the endlessly popular and versatile Lagoon 421. Also available to charter are elegant and refined catamarans from Fountaine Pajot, such as the Lavezzi 40 and Hélia 44. You can also charter a luxury catamaran over 50 feet, like the Fountaine Pajot Victoria 67 or the luxurious Sunreef 62.
To hire a catamaran in Mallorca is an intoxicating combination of elements. A serene and graceful sailboat. A gentle, safe and stable holiday home moving from one spectacular, warm, pine scented Mediterranean cove, to another old world Mallorcan fish restaurant in yet another, charming Balearic fishing village. You simply can't miss, don't suffer the futility of forgetting your last catamaran holiday in Mallorca, your best bet would be to book another for next summer.


Dénia, a favourite sailing destination on the Spanish mainland

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Costa Blanca (White Coast) is the name of your new destination. It stretches over 200 kilometres along the Mediterranean Sea on the south eastern coast of Spain. It is an ideal destination to charter a yacht for a sailing holiday. In particular, there’s a charming town standing out in the heart of the Costa Blanca, waiting for you, which name is Dénia.  
In fact, we are talking about a historic town situated between Valencia and Alicante; the first one 96 km up the coast and the second 86 km down. 
However, we have another surprise concerning Dénia’s geographic location: it is the closest mainland harbour to the Balearic Islands. If you are in the mood for a boat trip, and, say, you want to charter a boat in Dénia and go sailing, well, you have to know that only 100 nautical miles separate it from the exclusive island of Ibiza. 
The town has an impressive, new harbour where you will see from luxury yachts to local fishing boats. There is a direct ferry service to the Balearic Islands. In summer both ferries and boat charters sail frequently between Dénia and Ibiza. In front of the harbour there is a castle built by the Moors upon a rock crag in the 11th century offering a magnificent view over the shoreline and the sea. Inside the castle itself, visitors will find the “Palau del Governador” with its history museum.
It is undoubtedly true that the fishing port and the town itself have all sorts of cafes, bars and restaurants, both famous and not so famous. There is day life and nightlife as you please. It’s up to you whether you go for an early peaceful stroll along the soft beach or a late cocktail at a trendy bar. Whatever your choice, it is by no means uncommon to hear the suggestion that gastronomy is just outstanding here. There is plenty of fresh fish, there are a great variety of food styles and there is even a three star Michelin restaurant for the gourmets. 
In the most peaceful area of the Dénia port, next to the Raset beach, we find the “Marina el Portet”, “Marina de Dénia” and the Dénia Royal Yacht Club. They are very close to each other and they are connected directly through the promenade to the leisure commercial zones and the historic centre of the town. They all offer berths provided with all the proper services of a first class marina including yacht charter, of course.
Other local harbours you may wish to visit in the surroundings are Xàbia, Calpe and Altea. In this area there is the Sea Reserve of the Cape of Sant Antoni where you can easily anchor your boat and practise scuba diving, snorkelling or just sightseeing the beautiful caves or the amazing cliffs of the headland. 
No day out on a Dénia boat charter would be complete without anchoring off at some first class sandy beaches; this is why Dénia has a great variety of them that spread approximately over 20 kilometres along the east coastline. Having around 300 days of sunshine with an average temperature of 20º C, the beach frontage is a perfect place to enjoy the weather. The main winds are Llebeig, Poniente, Levante, Norte y Garbí. The Northern Beaches of Dénia have smooth golden sand and shallow twinkling waters such as Els Molins, L'Almadrava, Albaranas, Les Bovetes, Les Deveses, Les Marines and Punta del Raset.
Punta del Raset is the main beach in the Las Marinas area and is located next to the Port of Dénia. It has an excellent sandy area where there are some dunes and lots of vegetation around. 
Finally, it is worth mentioning that in Dénia there are interesting festivities happening throughout the year. Here, they’re called “fiestas” and they are perfect to observe local customs and traditions. For instance, the “Three Wise Men” Fiesta takes place in January, the “Falles” bonfire takes place in March and the “Bous a la Mar” happens every July.


Sailing in Mallorca

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Renting a sailing yacht in Majorca to revel in the unparalleled beauty of the island is a popular pastime during the spring break or summer holidays

What’s the best plan for a weeklong sailing holiday?

Getting to know Majorca aboard a sailing yacht is the best way to be in touch with the nature, explore all the quiet spots and anchorages of the island, and escape the beaten path of summer vacationers. Be it for a quiet holiday with your significant other or family, or for an adventure type of vacation, the island is a destination that fits your holiday plans.

Here is our top list of activities to discover the best Majorca has to offer:

  1. Discover the best anchorages and beaches. We recommend exploring the anchorages of Cabo Blanco, Cala Pitomar, Cala Varques and Cala San Vicente, or simply enjoy the beaches of Calas Figuera, Antegora or Mondragó, and swim in the pristine waters bathing the island.
  2. If you enjoy walking, we recommend combining anchoring with walking or hiking. Isla Dragonera is an amazing spot to discover on foot. Simply walk towards Faro Viejo, Faro Tramontana or Mirador de Na Mirada for splendid panoramic views. Besides being one of the oldest settlements on the island, Cala Boquer is an unmissable romantic spot thanks to the ancient Roman ruins of Bocchoris.
  3. Majorca is a great diving and snorkeling spot, and both newbies and experienced divers can enjoy its aquatic splendour directly from a boat all year round. You can also experiment with underwater photography. The submarine scenery of Mallorca is extremely varied and comprises of caves, reefs, archaeological remains and rich marine life. Some well-known diving spots include Tramuntana, Isla de Dragonera, Bahía de Palma, and the north-eastern and eastern parts of the isle.
  4. Experienced divers can also explore marine caves in D’Es Coloms and Ses Llàgrimes.

Why opt for yacht charter in Majorca?

Owning and maintaining a boat can be extremely expensive, especially when this is used for a short time, typically less than 30 days a year, which is too short to cover for the purchasing expense, while still incurring additional costs.

Besides saving up on maintenance costs, another advantage of approaching a sailboat rental company in Majorca is that you can have all planning and organizing sorted out so you can focus on what’s most important to you: enjoying the holiday!

Charter options

Rental options include bareboat and crewed boats, as well as contracting a cook, to make sure you sample the finest cuisine during your sailing trip. And if you haven’t visited Majorca before, or don’t have the time to organize your holiday, we can work with you to design a sailing plan according to your needs and help you discover the most beautiful places around the island.

Sailing Dreams is a company founded in 1998 offering services of yacht charter in Majorca.

Sailing holidays in Formentera

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The unspoiled nature and the promise of authentic tourism that blends in with the environment have gained the fame of this small Balearic island, unsurprisingly dubbed the last Mediterranean paradise.

Exploring Formentera requires arranging your yacht charter from Ibiza island. Once at sea, the first place to discover is a wild unspoiled island, Isla de Espalmador; you can enjoy a free natural beauty treatment in the sulfur mud baths surrounding this island. Depending on the type of boat you rented and wind direction, there are two anchorages you may wish to explore: Torretas cove and the port of Espalmador. Other options for mooring are the Es Trocadors beach, famed to be the best beach in Formentera, and Illetes beach. If you sail by Sa Platgeta des Carregador or S’Estany des Peix, stop to enjoy a delicious seafood meal, or to get supplies for the rest of the trip. If you decide to set anchor in the port of La Sabina, rent a motorbike and explore the many beautiful places and cliffs around the island.

The seabed close to Formentera is amazingly beautiful and easy to explore, since the waters are crystal clear and spotlessly clean; don’t forget to bring along your snorkelling or scuba diving equipment to enjoy its natural beauty. Punta Rasa is probably the best spot for snorkelling. There are numerous other small coves around Formentera that are probably more difficult to access by boat than the known ones. Check our blog post about our selection of coves in Formentera to help you plan your sailing route and anchorages ahead of time.

Given the short distance between the two islands, you can plan your yacht charter from Ibiza and explore Formentera as well, thus enjoying very different geographies and landscapes, all the while with safe anchorages when wind changes direction. Check our tips for planning your route and anchorages in Ibiza.

Best anchorages in Formentera

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Isla de Espalmador

Only exposed to west winds. This is part of a nature reserve with white sand beaches. Anchoring is over the same sand with weed patches. You must avoid anchoring in the meadows of Posidonia grass which are vital for the regeneration of the marine habitat and are protected as part of the nature reserve.


Here you’ll be exposed to winds from the north and north east. Anchoring is over clean sand. Along the east side of this anchorage are probably the best beaches the Baleares islands have to offer. Gently shelving crystalline water over brilliant white coral sand. Because of this mixed blessing it is a CGI crowd scene during summer. For those who find solace in places like Cala Sardina it will amount to a living, summertime hell. There are various restaurants, among the most well known are Juan y Andrea and Es Moli de la Sal

Playa de la Savina

Exposed to winds from the north through the north east. Anchoring again, as is common on Formentera, in clean, white sand. Aquamarine water of startling clarity with beaches of brilliant white coral sand. This anchorage is near to the recreational marina of Formentera. The beach bar Tiburón would be an ideal location to have a cocktail and enjoy another divine sunset vista courtesy of the Pitiusas islands.

Playa de Levante

Expect to be open to the east wind this time, on the opposite side of a narrow spit of land from Illetas. As beautiful as Illetas but with far fewer boats as the predominant summer winds are south easterlies here. More of that almost infinite Formentera white sand to anchor over.

Es Calo des Mort

Open to the east with the anchorage over sand with the occasional rock. Our favorite hideaway on Formentera, a natural corner, a rare peaceful and idyllic sanctuary. Without any doubt, one of the best anchorages in Formentera.

Between Es Pujols y Punta Prima

You’ll be anchoring over sand and exposed only to the wind from the east. A divine little location with good shelter from the south winds. Take great care with the rocky bottom near Es Pujols. From here you can approach the village of Es Pujols to provision or eat in one of the restaurants there. You should avoid approaching the shallow, rocky anchorage area near Es Pujols at night.

Cala Saona

Open to the west and anchor over sand again. A pristine and pretty cove with crystal clear water and warm Autumnal colors to the surrounding rocks. Again if you want to argue it out over a beer, possibly the best anchorage in Formentera to watch the sunset. Expect an over-ample supply of people to discuss this with during July and August however.

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The best anchorages in Menorca

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Cala Pedrera
Situated in the Port de Maó and in front of Illa de Llazaret, it is one of the quietest coves. You can stay at its white sanded beach and enjoy various sports activities nearby. 
Cala Trebalúger
It is one of the best anchorages in Menorca that is exposed to the southern winds and is completely free of any building developments.  It features fine, white sandy beach and a fresh water stream that flows to the sea.
Cala Pous
Apart from being very good cove for anchoring, it is also suitable for scuba diving, as there are various sank ships in its vicinity. As it features no beach, it is a very quiet place with hardly any swimmers. It is, without a doubt, the best anchorages in Menorca to go diving to.
Cala en Porter
If you intend to anchor at night, it is advisable to do it close to the beach as this place is exposed to the southern winds and when it blows hard it is difficult to sleep. This cove is full of restaurants and other services and as such not the most beautiful, but rather a good place for stocking up on the provisions necessary for the boat trip.
Cala Escorxada
Good place for anchoring as it is exposed to the south wind; it is covered with pine trees and a place with very little tourism. With its fine, white sand beaches and turquoise blue water, it is one of the best anchorages in Menorca relax in, given that you come already equipped with all your provisions, as there are none here.
Cala Morell
Known for its underwater cove with fresh water, you would be able to anchor here but not to stay overnight, as it is privately owned. Its sea bottom is covered with rocks and sand and the waters are crystal clear. It is one of the best anchorage in Menorca as it offers the possibility of visiting prehistoric caves.
Cala Pregonda
Placed in a lovely spot makes this a good place to anchor, but it should be done with utmost care because of the rocks at the entrance to the cave. Nice place for snorkelling. One of its advantages that make it one of the best anchorages in Menorca is the natural swimming pool, at the east point of the cove.
Cala Pudent
Exposed to the north wind, this small cove is ideal to anchor in, as its entrance is one of the biggest ones. It is not accessible from the ground which makes it one of the quietest coves with the least tourism.
Cala Alcafar
This is one of the best anchorages in Menorca due to its lovely fishermen docks, its white houses on one side and its tower, constructed in the XVIII century, on the other. Should you wish to disembark, you may be able to delight in the historic walk along the “Camí de cavalls”. The cove is exposed to the south-east winds.
Let us help you to plan your yacht charter in Menorca.
Sailing Dreams yacht charter Menorca. Sailing Dreams catamaran charter Menorca. Sailing Dreams boat charter Menorca.
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Catamaran charter in Ibiza

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Catamaran charter in Ibiza is a terrific type of holiday to explore this territory of great weather and spectacular scenery.
What other advantages you have with catamaran charter in Ibiza?
Sailing around the island of Ibiza will provide you with another view of this wonderful environment, accessing amazing places that are not reachable by land.
The geography of this island offers you many coves to access by boat and many other water activities.  Furthermore, Ibiza is very adapted to boat tourism; so much that from some anchorages you can order food from nearby restaurants and a waiter will deliver the food to your boat with the restaurant's dinghy.
Catamaran charter in Ibiza is increasingly popular due to the advantages that this type of yacht offers, including sailing stability, very spacious cabins and a saloon with great panoramic views.
Catamaran charter in Ibiza offers you many excursions around the island; there are good anchorages around every corner although you have to choose them properly if your idea is to spend the night at anchor.
The wild Cala d'es Porcs, the lively Cala Vedella, the small but lovely Cala Portixol, the turquoise waters of Cala Conta, the busy Cala Bassa with a great beach club or the narrow but gorgeous Cala Salada are just some examples of interesting places to anchor.
The Es Vedra is probably the most famous picture of Ibiza, a tall rocky island with beautiful surroundings and some pine tree forests. It has now become a protected natural park. From there you can also reach Cala d'Hort with great sand patches to anchor and good restaurants to eat paella on the beach. In Cala d'Hort you will also encounter an area with spectacular red gorgonian cliffs and crystal clear waters.
The excursion to Formentera, with its clear waters and perfect sand to anchor, is another route that you cannot miss. It is also a popular spot the “Illes Margarides”, or San Josep de sa Talaia nearby beaches.
Ibiza is also known for the beauty of its seabed, so if you are keen on diving is a perfect place for you. The natural reserves of the islands of Tagomago and Es Vedra are great diving destinations.
Ses Salines nature reserve is the largest protected marine area in the Spanish Mediterranean and noted for its varied landscape.
Espalmador Island is also a must; this beach offers fine coral sand and among the clearest waters in the Mediterranean sea. If you anchor in Espalmador you can also enjoy mud baths just a few minutes walk from the beach. Natural mud baths are not only very beneficial for your skin but they also help muscle tension.
Some of the most popular beaches in Ibiza are Sa Caleta, Cala Xarraca or Aigües Blanques.
Ibiza is surely an island that inspires many seafarers and catamaran charter in Ibiza is much more than sailing, it is a rich and unforgettable experience, and as our friend Kerry puts it:

You can travel far and wide. I have, I'm halfway through my second world circumnavigation by sailboat. Encounters with special places are a staple delight for me. But finding magical destinations might not need such an odyssey. Islands with an intoxicating combination of divine energy, positive vibrations, heartbreaking beauty, precious nature and universal joy for all do exist... But sadly, are spread somewhat sparingly around the world. They are a delightful confection of positive human influence, serendipitous history, a light touch, and the most generous blessings of nature, warm, pine and rosemary fragrant lands, crystal seas, blissful skies and a glittering sun. You will find this magician's potion in Ibiza. Do we bring the good energy and love with us, or was it already there, waiting? I'm still not sure, you decide.